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Indulge in the flavors of our top-notch instant noodles at Ramen Royal. Made with only the finest ingredients, our noodles are the perfect comfort food for any time of day.


Our advantages over similar products:

  • Natural sunflower oil

  • Minimal allergens - gluten and milk for 90g package

  • The product is based on 92% 1st grade wheat flour.

  • Contains no preservatives

  • Contains only one flavor enhancer – monosodium glutamate.

  • The product does not contain pork fat and its additives.

  • Round, easy-to-use shape

  • Information available in 5 languages on the packaging

  • The product does not contain pork fat and its additives.

  • Does not contain palm oil

  • Used natural spices (vegetables and herbs)

Fast delivery

Our goods are always ready for dispatch to cover any sale opportunity with no waiting time.


We offer different packaging solutions for any customer's needs.

Convenience and Quality

Ramen Royal redefine quick cuisine by offering the perfect blend of ease and gourmet quality. Each pack is a symphony of rich flavors and superior ingredients, designed to deliver a satisfying meal with the utmost convenience.

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